Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 weeks and Dr Update

Ok so this is old news....I am actually 16 1/2 weeks now but Blake had our computer for awhile and was out of town.
First, I am in my running clothes for this picture because I ran the Houston Half Marathon my week 15.

I will talk about my running experience in a bit, but first cover the highlights of the doctor appt. Blake was out of town for this one, an important one to be gone for because we found out we are having a GIRL!!! Little Payton Lane will be here in July!!! My mother-in-law came with me for this appointment, I was so grateful that she came, I am nervouse to go to any of these appointments alone for some reason. I was uneasy to step on the scale and have the nurse put my weight over the loud speaker, but was glad to find out that I finally gained weight!!! 2 lbs up from my starting weight before I was pregnant!! I would like to gain gradually thus reducing my chances of stretch marks :( uggg!!! We heard the strong, healthy heartbeat again, talked some more about my violent vomiting problem, and my migrain headaches-both which pregnancy has given me for the past 7 weeks. I broke down and had both perscriptions filled-JUST IN CASE!!! I have not had to take anything yet, but knowing it is in the cabinet, makes me feel like there is releif if I choose. I will post the ultrasound pics as soon as I can scan them, she has grown into what looks like a baby!!! She has arms and legs, fingers that can grasp, eyelids, and so much more than that first picture revealed!

So everything still looks very healthy and good!! She is measuring right on schedule, I am measuring, belly-wise about 3-4 weeks behind :( This is probably because I have continued an active lifestyle which has been approved and encouraged by my doctor.

Ok, now for my running readers!! I once again, wussed out of the full marathon in which I was signed up for, and chose to run just the half. My mom, dad, and little sister came to the race, which I am so thankful for their support! Everyone who knows me, knows I am all about the support system at a race! My friends, Adam and Courtney came as well-so grateful for such wonderful friendships!!! The picture posted is one my sister took as I was approaching the finish and stopped off to kiss my family before continuing on to cross the finish.

This is only my second race, both were 1/2 marathons, being pregnant so I have learned to be less competitive in the sense I know I need to listen to my body and know my new limitations. I was still very upset with my chip time, 2:47, which did include waiting in a port-a-potty line to go to the bathroom at mile 10, some lower abdominal cramping also at mile 10 and walking through water stations to insure I stayed hydrated. My watch time, which timed only running and walking through stations was 2:35, but race officials don't care that I chose to wait in line to use the restroom, so my official time that haunts me is 2:47. My worst time by far in my career of running. Mile 12 was an emotional mile for me. Running has always been a very emotional and spiritual time for me, but this time was different, my eyes filled with tears with the thought that this was the last long competitive run for a good while. I am signed up for the full Houston marathon next year but that is a YEAR from now!!! I do have several 5K races to look forward to, but this goodbye to what I love more than almost everything, was so hard. Yes I am cleared to run as far as like everyday, but it is the competitive race that my heart longs for and that my body needs. Blake snuffed it off and didn't understand, but how could he-he does not have the runner's heart. My sports medicine doctor discussed it with me and was extremely supportive and understanding, however, he too possesses the runners passion and understanding. To give up something you truly love, is tough. But I am focused on the reason I am giving this love up, for a greater baby girl!!!!! She is going to owe me big though, I told her on that mile that she will just have to like it when I strap her into the jogging stroller for a run to train for my 1st marathon post baby in January 2011!!!
Well lets just say I learned a lot this past week about being a mom...thank you mom for giving up that things that you enjoyed doing most, to love and raise me!!


  1. A GIRL!!!!!!! I am so excited for you GUYS!!!!!!! WOW!! WHAT A SWEET NAME!!!! You amaze me with the running!!! I WANT TO HAVE A RUNNERS HEART SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on all of the good newS!!!!

  2. Congrats, Blake & Ryane on finding out you're having a little girl! How sweet!!! And congrats, Ryane, on such a great accomplishment - a 1/2 marathon while pregnant! I can't even imagine! We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you run in Jan 2010 post baby!