Monday, October 25, 2010

Sky Diving and 3 Months!!!

Lots has been going on lately...I went SKY DIVING!!!! It was amazing! That will take an entire post itself, I still have to get my hands on the pictures that were taken as well as receive the video in the mail!!! I could go on for hours about that experience, so I will save it for another day!

I have also been very busy with photo shoots! Yay! I am excited to have booked several shoots, some even being people I do not know very well, friends of friends sort of thing!! But of course my favorite model turned 3 months the other day so I took her pictures as well! Here is a sneak peek at a few I have tweaked!! I will post many more once the family has received and seen them first!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh My.....What a WONDERFUL day!!!!

Payton and I did a walk in our neighborhood Saturday morning for Infant and Pregnancy loss. It was beautiful and AMAZING!!!! So very emotional. I am so very glad to have met the people I met and am so glad they shared their stories with me. I will post more on the stories later. This day was such a celebration for Payton and I, baby girl has no idea, but will as she grows older, about the little cousin she will not meet until we all go to Heaven. I was hoping to capture the day to one day share with her.
Tara, the lady shown below, organized the entire day. My hats off to you Tara, you are wonderful! What a gift from God! The fun jump, tents of awesome activities, down to the logo on the shirts were all Tara in celebration of her 2 miscarriages and daughter Rebbecca born still at 6 months. We did not have anything like this in Lafayette, much less Youngsville, but Tara made it all possible!!! For her first year, she did absolutely amazing!!!! I would guess more than 200 people!!! All affected in some way from infant or pregnancy loss.
Below are some pictures from the day.
The main event, Balloon release in remembrance of those we have lost.

Payton waited and waited but had to take a nap before the walk even began.

I can't imagine the pain this woman is remembering. I thank God for this event for her, hopefully it helped in some way.

This little guy was releasing balloons in memory of his lost siblings. My heart ached for his sad little face :(

After the release I captured some moments that broke my heart. As the song " You Raise Me Up" played as all of our balloons were released.

Tara, on the left, was releasing balloons for her 2 miscarriages and 1 stillborn child, Rebbecca. Again, Thank you Tara, thank you for making an environment where no one felt weird for talking about or crying about their losses...we all shared the same pain.

Oh Samuel, how I wish I knew you. I am excited to meet you one day in Heaven. Save a place for us here who are missing you.

Thank you Ranch Outlet for sponsoring the Balloon release.

The start line. 1 lap for those we have lost, and 1 lap for those who need the encouragement to keep going....I love you Sara!!!!

Absolutely amazing how many people came!!!!!

This sweet family, seen from afar, I pray for you...

I am so thankful for Tara. I have been reading her blog and had emailed her before the race. She is an amazingly strong women, what an example of Faith!!! I am so thankful we met at the race, thank you for embracing me while I unexpectedly cried in your arms. Thank you for acknowledging Samuel on your remembrance wall, thank you for the kind words you wish for my cousin and dear friend, Sara, from one mom to another, you are awesome and I appreciate everything on Saturday you did to remember our loved ones.