Friday, February 27, 2009


Cadbury Mini Eggs aka...HEAVEN!!!!
Ok sorry for the weird pic!!! No matter which way I save it, it downloads like this! Weird?!?! These right here, yes these wonderful chocolate eggs with a light thin shell, are some of the many reasons I love Easter!!! I saw them out in the store a week ago and got very excited!! I have only had one bag so far. This for sure is one of my weaknesses. Those who know me, know that I am normally healthy, homeopathic, natural kind of girl...there is NOTHING healthy or natural about these! But they are HEAVEN to me!! I really think they may be my most favorite! Just thought I would share...these for sure are a must try!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Off to Houston to go to my dear friend, Courtney's, bachelorette party!! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras...WOW!!!

That's me catchin' some beads from the float!!!

This is Blake's fine purchase at the parade...the furry, money hat!! YIKES!

A little slice of home....hahaha TEXAS!!!

People dress up in all kinds of clothes and hats...look at the cone hat on the left!!!

This is the street corner we stood at for the entire parade!!!
Ok, quite the experience!!! I made it alive!! I liked the parade it was fun to see the clothes, floats, and mainly the people that come out to these types of things. I got a lot of beads, and no I did not get them by "flashing!" That's New Orleans Mardi Gras...big difference!!! I would just cheer and shout. I did however, come home with a bit of a bump and bruise on my forehead from a big strand of beads that I didn't quite catch!! Ouch!!! So I have come to the conclusion that a parade is like a fair, eat lots of weird things, buy (as you can see) some wonderful purchases, and the weirdos come out of the woodwork!!!!!!
Here's to Mardi Gras 2009, my first, and maybe last!! Ha

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!!!
So weird to me this Mardi Gras thing, however it does give me a day off tomorrow, so I like it!! Ha Being that I am a Texan, I don't get this whole party on a float deal! Since Blake and I have been together we have never been in Louisiana for Mardi Gras, out of town, Houston, Skiing, so this is my first. Well the festivities actually started last to love those cajuns! This past weekend actually is really the true start to it, so we had some dinner with friends on the patio of a restaurant so we could see the parade pass also. It was fun, but apparently going to the Youngsville, the town I live in, parade was going to be my ultimate experience! Too bad I woke up with a migraine from H*%$ and missed the whole thing. Blake enjoyed it for me though! I still had the darn thing Sunday so we didn't do much. Not sure what Blake has in store for me Fat Tuesday, but I'm looking forward to sleeping in!!
Have a safe and happy Mardi Gras!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

True Sportsmanship

This article was front page on Yahoo today, thought I would share...
The coach never considered any other option.
It didn't matter that his DeKalb, Ill., High School basketball team had ridden a bus two and a half hours to get to Milwaukee, then waited another hour past game time to play. Didn't matter that the game was close, or that this was a chance to beat a big city team.
Johntel Franklin scored 10 points in the game following the loss of his mother. Something else was on Dave Rohlman's mind when he asked for a volunteer to shoot two free throws awarded his team on a technical foul in the second quarter. His senior captain raised his hand, ready to go to the line as he had many times before.
Only this time it was different.
"You realize you're going to miss them, don't you?" Rohlman said.
Darius McNeal nodded his head. He understood what had to be done.
It was a Saturday night in February, and the Barbs were playing a non-conference game on the road against Milwaukee Madison. It was the third meeting between the two schools, who were developing a friendly rivalry that spanned two states.
The teams planned to get together after the game and share some pizzas and soda. But the game itself almost never took place.
Hours earlier, the mother of Milwaukee Madison senior captain Johntel Franklin died at a local hospital. Carlitha Franklin had been in remission after a five-year fight with cervical cancer, but she began to hemorrhage that morning while Johntel was taking his college ACT exam.
Her son and several of his teammates were at the hospital late that afternoon when the decision was made to turn off the life-support system. Carlitha Franklin was just 39.
"She was young and they were real close," said Milwaukee coach Aaron Womack Jr., who was at the hospital. "He was very distraught and it happened so suddenly he didn't have time to grieve."
Womack was going to cancel the game, but Franklin told him he wanted the team to play. And play they did, even though the game started late and Milwaukee Madison dressed only eight players.
Early in the second quarter, Womack saw someone out of the corner of his eye. It was Franklin, who came there directly from the hospital to root his teammates on.
The Knights had possession, so Womack called a time out. His players went over and hugged their grieving teammate. Fans came out of the stands to do the same.
"We got back to playing the game and I asked if he wanted to come and sit on the bench," Womack said during a telephone interview.
"No," Franklin replied. "I want to play."
There was just one problem. Since Franklin wasn't on the pre-game roster, putting him in meant drawing a technical foul that would give DeKalb two free throws.
Though it was a tight game, Womack was willing to give up the two points. It was more important to help his senior guard and co-captain deal with his grief by playing.
Over on the other bench, though, Rohlman wasn't so willing to take them. He told the referees to forget the technical and just let Franklin play.
"I could hear them arguing for five to seven minutes, saying, `We're not taking it, we're not taking it," Womack said. "The refs told them, no, that's the rule. You have to take them."
That's when Rohlman asked for volunteers, and McNeal's hand went up.
He went alone to the free throw line, dribbled the ball a couple of times, and looked at the rim.
His first attempt went about two feet, bouncing a couple of times as it rolled toward the end line. The second barely left his hand.
It didn't take long for the Milwaukee players to figure out what was going on.
They stood and turned toward the DeKalb bench and started applauding the gesture of sportsmanship. Soon, so did everybody in the stands.
"I did it for the guy who lost his mom," McNeal told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It was the right thing to do."
They may not remember our record 20 years from now, but they'll remember what happened in that gym that night.
— Dave Rohlman, head coach of the opposing DeKalb team on what his players will take away from this experience.
Franklin would go on to score 10 points, and Milwaukee Madison broke open the game in the second half to win 62-47. Afterward, the teams went out for pizza, two players from each team sharing each pie.
Franklin stopped by briefly, thankful that his team was there for him.
"I got kind of emotional but it helped a lot just to play," he said. "I felt like I had a lot of support out there."
Carlitha Franklin's funeral was last Friday, and the school turned out for her and her son. Cheerleaders came in uniform, and everyone from the principal and teachers to Johntel's classmates were there.
"Even the cooks from school showed up," Womack said. "It lets you know what kind of kid he is."
Basketball is a second sport for the 18-year-old Franklin, who says he has had some scholarship nibbles and plans to play football in college. He just has a few games left for the Knights, who are 6-11 and got beat 71-36 Tuesday night by Milwaukee Hamilton.
It hasn't been the greatest season for the team, but they have stuck together through a lot of adversity.
"We maybe don't have the best basketball players in the world but they go to class and take care of business," Womack said. "We have a losing record but there's life lessons going on, good ones."
None so good, though, as the moment a team and a player decided there were more important things than winning and having good stats.
Yes, DeKalb would go home with a loss. But it was a trip they'll never forget.
"This is something our kids will hold for a lifetime," Rohlman said. "They may not remember our record 20 years from now, but they'll remember what happened in that gym that night."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Biggest Loser!

I don't know about you, but I am so into the show Biggest Loser! This is my first season I have watched, Sara got me hooked while I was in Oklahoma! Now that the contestants are getting down to the final few, I am even more into it! Here is what I think about each team:
Pink Team-I am glad Shannon got voted off last night, she didn't push it as much as her mom, Helen.
Green Team-I really love Tara who has a good attitude and pushes herself every show, I do not care for her partner Laura-I hope she is next to go!
Brown Team-I love these guys! The dad is so sweet and bless his heart-he never gives up!! His son is such a fighter, it is up to him usually to keep them in. He also reminds me of a younger fatter version of my brother! Ha-sorry Jay!
Purple Team-I love Kristen, she works so hard! I hope she loses the weight she needs in order to have a baby! Her mom is ok, I wouldn't mind if she went before Kristen.
Black Team-I loved Blaine, but now he is gone and left Dane to fight. Dane is strong and would have been a better strategic choice to send him home.
Yellow Team-Ok a bunch of whiners and criers! Everyone misses their family-get over it!!! I am hoping they get sent home before all my other favs!
Oh I almost forgot the Blue Team!! Phillipe and Sione-I love these guys-both fighters and great attitudes!!
I am truly a TV junkie! Thank goodness for DVR-otherwise I would not have the time!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet JoJo

Look at this little guy!! Elijah Thomas Hintz, my Godson. He is so precious!! He looks like a young Denis the Menus! HA Elijah, we all call him JoJo, not sure why-just always have! He is so sweet already at the age of 4. This little guy is a snuggler to the max! When I was visiting in Oklahoma last month, I would wake up most mornings with this little bug and his sister, Anna, in my bed! I love and miss him so much! He has been on my mind lately, I am praying for such a wonderful, God-filled life for him. I am not a mother yet, but I feel such love for this guy, I can't imagine how I will feel for my own children. When my cousin Greg had called and asked me to be his Godmother, I was so honored and also felt a sense of responsibility for him. A spiritual responsibility that is, to pray for him and be a godly example to him. I just wanted everyone to meet one special guy in my life! I love and miss my JoJo!!

Monday, February 16, 2009




Gettin' some love from our fans!!!

Mile 26.1...I can see the finish line!!!

And after the race! Check out that sweet medal!!
We did it!!! No doubt in my mind we were going to finish, but at 4 hours and 53 min!??!! Crazy!! I beat my Houston Marathon 4 weeks ago by 5 min! Adam did GREAT!! His first marathon, and to finish in under 5 hours...AWESOME!!!
Ok, let me walk you through this one....we start off strong, feeling good, for about 1/2 a mile when the hills began! HA Seriously, hills were everywhere throughout the course. It was fun at the beginning, different and new terrain, but after about 10 hills within only 2 miles, it got old fast!! Adam handled them like a champ! I think he secretly training in Austin or something because for the first 13 miles he was cruising through the hills no problem! Adam's parents, fiance Courtney, brother and sister-in-law, sister and brother-in-law, friends Joe and Jenny, and Blake were all there to support us along the way. Whether it was a few of them at miles 6 and 12, or everyone at mile 21 and the finish line, each one of them are greatly appreciated by the two of us. We found ourselves talking more than we thought we would, thank goodness for my training runs in Oklahoma with Sara where we talked the entire time!! Adam and I continued to be amazed at the complete strangers along the course encouraging us and cheering us along. They were all amazing! We started to make eye contact with most of them and thank them while we were on our way! To have family and friends there was even more special. The support and encouragement from those we love is so important, and none of them will know really how much they meant to us for being there. Ok, back to the course, at mile 6, our support team missed us because we were running like lightning speed! ha When we saw them at mile 12, I definitely threw on a smile to pretend it was awesome, but what came out of my mouth was contradicting to my face, "this is hard," is what came out without even thinking when I saw Blake!! Quick kisses to Blake from me, and Courtney from Adam, and we were off to conquer the 2nd half! From miles 13-15 I was struggling big time! The hills were playing a huge part, but mentally I was checked out! Thankfully Adam was there to encourage me. After a few sports jelly beans and a few packs of GU, I was back in the game! Miles 18-24 flew by! We talked and found ourselves surprised at how fast each mile came and went! Adam's knee started to hurt around mile 21. We were so excited about this! Usually it would hurt on training runs at around mile 6, could you imagine how awful the rest of the race, 20 miles, would have been had it started like usual?! It was my turn to return the favor of encouraging words. I am so thankful that we each hit our low points at different times. We made a few adjustments and just kept shuffling along, literally!! The hills were still insane the second half but not as many as the first, but maybe equally as intense. The end was fast approaching and we were pumped!! We passed by so many supportive people, and finally the finish line was in site! We saw the happy and tearful faces of Adam's family, our friends and Blake, and it gave us just what we needed to push through the final steps!!
I am so proud of Adam! He did great throughout the entire race!
Thank you for all of your sweet thoughts and prayers, we needed them and they definitely helped!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well it completely snuck up on me, yeah right, but the Austin Marathon is 3 days away! YIKES! I am out to each 5 lbs of crawfish, again, the 2nd time this week...I did cheat my normally great eating habits, but its CRAWFISH!!! Plus, I eat like a health Nazi every other day of the year, so this shouldn't hurt too bad! At this point I am still not sure if we are flying or driving, between the weather and our plane being on the fritz, a decision has yet to be reached. I will try to blog about the race as soon as I can, it looks like we will be home on Monday.
Please pray for:
Adam's knee
My hips
Our mental stability!
I am very excited, trying not to think about the nerves! I just keep thinking about how Adam will feel, he has no idea the emotions that are about to hit him, I'm talking after the race. Not just the physical journey, but the spiritual one as well. The overwhelming feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and just pure awe, I am excited to be a part of this experience for him. I cant wait!!! Wish us luck...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because I'm Loving Every Wonderful, Horrible Minute of it!

I read my title in a runner's magazine this week and it totally explains my answer to the commonly asked question, "Why do you do this?"
I am literally going to start quoting, "Because I love every wonderful, horrible minute of it!" I have been getting a lot of mixed reviews on my drive for running lately. I get that people do not get the running thing, but I don't get how they can't compare it to something that they truly love and then in turn understand?! I think that we all have many gifts that we were given to use for the good.
Austin is quickly approaching! I do not think I have ever been this nervous. The course is hard...everyone seems to want to remind me of that, but I am also nervous about Adam's knee. I do not want him to do some serious damage. He gets married one month from the race, and I don't want him hobbling down the aisle to meet his beautiful bride Courtney! I know she has got to be nervous about that! I have loved Courtney from the day I met her, we became instant friends! If it weren't for her terrible back problems, I have no doubt in my mind she would be joining us on Sunday. She will for sure be along side of Blake, Adam's family, and friends to help support and encourage him. I can't wait, this race has been highly anticipated for many months! Only 5 days...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Today has been heavy on my heart all last week. 2 years ago today, one of Blake's instructors and my friend died in a plane crash. Rick (Ricky J) was one of the instructors that worked at the flight school where Blake and I met. He did most of Blake's Instrument program. He became so much more than a co-worker to me. He was kind, considerate, and had a love for the Lord that any Christian would envy. Today is bitter sweet in that Rick's funeral brought all of us back together, and some of us stayed in touch so much better than before. I am thankful for my friends Jason and Crystal, and I know that it was through Rick's death that we became closer. Crystal has been a true friend and such a supporter of anything I do. I am also thankful that now Blake and I are a part of their son, Trenton's, life. We also had met and made friends with Brian and Christina through them. This for sure is all a part of the small silver lining. I know that we all think of Rick often and selfishly wish he was still here with us on earth, but as Christians, we know that we will see him one day again-something Rick was never afraid to proclaim. My thought and prayers are with Rick's family and friends today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who's Honkin for You?!?

I have to share something with everyone that I didn't know before about geese. Apparently hunters know this about these birds, Blake knew already, but these facts were shared in part of our church sermon last week that I thought were interesting. When you see geese flying do you ever notice there are A TON of them?! You can also hear them if you are outside. Did you know that the one "honking" the loudest, is the ones in the back. They are essentially encouraging the ones in the front to keep going. Also, the leader of the pack when they fly, switches every so often with the ones in the back, because the hardest position to fly is the leader, and when he gets tired he goes to the back and the someone from the back takes the lead for a bit. Another fun fact: Geese can fly 70% farther together than they can by themselves. How cool! Lastly, geese never leave one behind. If one is too tired to continue or falls sick, always, another, sometimes more, will stay with the fallen one. How nice!! I'm really not sure how someone knows these facts for sure, but I loved them! HA I started thinking about people in my life that have and are "honkin" for me, encouraging me when I need it most. Those who have helped me when I am tired, or stayed with me when I felt that I could not handle something. I am so fortunate to have friends and family in my life who love and care for me. Living away from home, hit hard this past week when I was sick. I was suffering with a bad migraine and this cold thing still from my immune being down, and Blake was out of town all week. Since I was little I have always been independent and doing my own thing...until I get sick! The minute I feel bad, I want someone there taking care of me and sometimes just sitting next to me while I feel sick. Well, this past week I was on my own for the very first time! I have always had my mom, a roommate, and Blake while I was sick...I had none this week! I was so sad, Champ did make me feel better, it is weird how animals can sense when something is wrong or out of the norm and immediately adapt to the situation. He snuggled with me, didn't act crazy like usual, and licked my cheek every so often! He didn't even make me let him out as much to use the bathroom, he did a good job holding it! Ha
It made me appreciate the "geese" in my life so much more!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breakfast with the Birds!!

Our roll!!

Kim's close turn-out!

I would not get up at 7am on Saturday for nothing other than a breakfast fly-in!! Blake and I went to Pineville this morning for breakfast. It was huge! I am used to our little pancake breakfast fly-in that we do occasionally, but its like 5 old guys and us! There were a ton of planes this morning! The food was great, the planes were awesome, and the fellowship with other pilots was the greatest! A friend of ours and his wife, Chuck and Emily, went and I enjoyed getting to know Emily a lot better. Chuck is now an instrument rated pilot, who also was a student at the flight school I attend in New Iberia, we all had a blast. On the way back, Blake's flying buddy, Kim, flew formation with us a bit, did some rolls for us, and made some head-on passes with us that I captured on video! The video posted is our roll that Blake and I did, you have to watch the background to see us go upside-down. The camera would not let me zoom out anymore. The second video is of Kim flying close and doing a right turn-out. We had a blast, especially the flight home when we were able to cut up a bit!
What a great way to start the day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dixie Diva

Please check out this website

The unique jewelry in the pictures above are the creations and talents of some wonderful people! Jamie and Jerison are friends of some friends that I had the pleasure of meeting a few months back. They have started making this unique jewelry from deer antlers, turtle shells, Ivory, tusk, and anything and everything you can think of that is outdoorsy!! You have to go on their website to see what I am talking about. The first necklace I have is from a deer antler, the second is a cross from a turtle shell, and the third is just some awesome beads that they found for me!! I am looking forward to purchasing a deer antler ring, they are so different and unique! I have received many complements when I wear these necklaces and I love knowing that no two are alike, so I am the only one that has these pieces!
Check them out!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lucky #13

13 days and counting...

Ok, nerves are beginning to knock at my door! Of course I do not share these feelings with Adam, hopefully he does not check my blog often! On the phone its nothing but positivity when we talk! He was a little bummed with his knee, but went to the doctor and was cleared to run the marathon! He still has trouble with it, but hopefully the brace and remedies all work wonders! Thank you so much for all of your texts, prayers, and words of encouragement, you all have no idea how much it all means! I am extremely nervous! Also, I am contemplating the Oklahoma City Marathon in April...YIKES! What am I thinking??!!!?!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bride Wars

My friend Nikki and I went out for Sushi and a movie last night! We had a blast! I love this movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD!! Woohoo I love chick flicks!! HA
Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Getting ready for the Super Bowl! (Actually, not a big fan!) Love the parties though!
PS. Austin is 14 days away...oh YIKES!