Saturday, April 10, 2010

27 weeks and counting....

Here we are just a few weeks from the 30's!! According to one book I am in my 3rd trimester, another says not until week 28-so who knows! All I know is that I am getting close to meeting my sweet little girl!
Lets see, here is what I've learned or felt over the last 4 weeks in between posting:
Little girl had the hiccups, I felt them for the first time a few days ago
She kicks hard when it is around the time I should be eating
She does not like it when I lay on my back
She kicks away until I tell her dad to come feel and then lays silent until he removes his hand
She lays with her hands by her face (ultrasounds show her laying so sweet)
She often rolls to my right creating a weird looking outer belly
I want to meet this little girl so bad!! Lots of things to look forward to:
Maternity pictures, belly mold, 4d ultrasound, and now check ups every 2 weeks!
Time is flying!!!


  1. Oh Ryane, I literally can't believe you are getting so close... how could that much time have passed already??? Crazy! You look great... so happy to see that growing belly, what a miracle. Praying for you!
    Sara and crew

  2. you are looking awesome, ryane. keep up the excitement and enjoy every new milestone - we are within days now (2 wks from due date) and can't believe it. time has flown!

  3. The fact that she kicks until Blake puts his hands on her means that he will be able to soothe her when she's here. That us so wonderful.