Saturday, August 28, 2010

So PROUD!!!!

I am so proud of these pictures!! I was so thankful that my sister-in-law let me take my nieces 1 year pictures!! I had a blast! I was able to use my new program to edit them, I never had so much fun!! Aubrey is beautiful!! She made it easy to take the pictures because she actually smiled and at some points acted like a little model!!! It was so cute! Nice change of pace from taking Payton's pictures, she just lays there and most of the time crys, making it difficult to capture any good ones :)
Hope you all enjoy!!!!

Best Friends!!

1 good one of P!!

A little frightened!!
Ok, now are you ready to see the cutest almost 1 year old?!?!?!


So patient with us messing with her and making her do things all day!

Pretty eyes

Big girl!!!

Awww she loves her mama and daddy!!

My absolute favorite!!!!!