Monday, October 25, 2010

Sky Diving and 3 Months!!!

Lots has been going on lately...I went SKY DIVING!!!! It was amazing! That will take an entire post itself, I still have to get my hands on the pictures that were taken as well as receive the video in the mail!!! I could go on for hours about that experience, so I will save it for another day!

I have also been very busy with photo shoots! Yay! I am excited to have booked several shoots, some even being people I do not know very well, friends of friends sort of thing!! But of course my favorite model turned 3 months the other day so I took her pictures as well! Here is a sneak peek at a few I have tweaked!! I will post many more once the family has received and seen them first!!


  1. Ryane, I totally poted on your comment about the Walk... I was crying through reading that whole post. I do not know why it wasn't on there, sometimes I think I forget to do the little password deal... or I just spaced out and never hit post comment, who knows. It meant so much to me that you did that Walk. Thanks for remembering my sweet precious boy!

    P looks just precious. I thought you went sky diving... YOU. ARE. CRAZY! I could never:)

    Love you Ryane!

  2. Hi Ryane! I'm one of the Hintz's nieces just to let you know! haha Payton is so cute, and so is your blog!