Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last weekend....TEXAS!!!!

Yes, that is Blake, the dog hater, holding sweet Winston!!!

little winston and BIG LUKE!!!!!
Last weekend we lucked out and got caught in weather, doesn't sound like luck...hahaha but instead of direct to Dallas, we landed in Spring for the night. We were able to then celebrate Adam's graduation from law school!! Way to go Adam!!! We had so much fun, as always with them, and were able to meet their new addition, Winston!!!! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I'm pretty sure I never saw him walk, he was in my arms the whole time!!!
The next morning we were Dallas bound!!! Due to weather again, we had to drive :( We had a blast at the AMAZING resort we stayed at!!! It was soooo nice!! What a treat! This is us before the reception, we were waiting on some friends in the parking lot and got bored! Not the best picture we have taken, but it is a funny one!!

Looking drunk and haven't had a sip yet!! hahaha

I am disappointed that I did not take a lot more pictures of the wedding! It was beautiful! The vineyard was gorgeous, as well as the bride!!!! I love this picture, look at the groom Ryan, does he not look like the happiest man alive!!!??!!! I am so happy for Lindsay and Ryan, without a doubt, a match made to last forever!

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  1. 2 cute! :) GLad you guys had a great time!