Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vero Beach, FL

Our home for the week! Vero Beach Spa and Resort. This is the view from where I was laying out, we literally walked onto the sand from the hotel! Beautiful!!!

This is the pool from Dustin's balcony. This pool saw a serious game of Volleyball one night from us!! :)
This guy here, yes, he is doing yoga on the beach...

Jacie and I on the beach

Dustin, the other pilot with us

Blake having a drink AFTER flight school for the day! :)

The storms that rolled in EVERY afternoon...sometimes very scary :(

I may send this pic in to Ethos, it looks like an ad!!

This little guy we met on the beach! It was a typical "guy bringing his dog on the beach so he can run after him when he finds girls on the beach" scene! HAHA Went ahead a threw out the husband word a few times!! HA But his dog was so cute!!
What a fun week! Back to work tomorrow, only 8 weeks till my next week of vacay!!!!

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  1. i have been wanting to go to florida.....since we dont have time right now for a big vacay...we are on our way to galveston....becca cant wait to go to shlitterbahn.......glad you had fun...and that do was 2 cute