Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Strokes....

Poor Phil found himself only 2 strokes from the number one spot on the leader board in the US Open. That's like loosing by one goal in Lacrosse, one basket in basketball, or one point in volleyball, I cant take it! I have always said that its better to lose by just a few than a lot, this just shows that you put up a fight and were that much closer to number one! However, I think you beat yourself up over the slightest difference. I know with running, when I miss a goal time by minutes or even seconds, I play the race over in my mind and wonder where I could have made that time up or done better. Man!! I'm so mad that my pick wasn't first!!!!!

Oh well...onto TEXAS vs. lsu for the college baseball championship game!!! GOOOOO LONGHORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hook 'em Horns!!!!!!!!!

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