Thursday, August 27, 2009

God's little creation...

I do not think I posted about these little guys yet, but I thought it was so cute! This is a bird's eye view (no pun intended) of a candle vase in my in-laws back porch. A mama bird had made her little nest inside of it and laid 4 eggs. My father-in-law were out sitting one afternoon and he showed them to me. We watched as the mama bird would wait for us to go inside and then come to the vase and feed her little babies. When I would walk up to take a picture of them, they would hear me coming and throw their little heads back and open their huge mouths and wait as if I was there to feed them!!! It was so sweet! I mean their huge eyes weren't even open yet!! They are just so ugly that they are cute!! Haha I just loved watching them and thinking about how God created nature. It was just a beautiful little thing!! I am so thankful I was there to see them!!


  1. how cool! God is so good!! All the miracles He provides us with ....and we are so undeserving!!!! :) Hope your GREAT!

  2. Love it Ryane. Loved talking to you the other day. We are praying for your test... and other things:) We love you girl!