Sunday, March 14, 2010

23 weeks!!!

WOW!! 6 months already!! Yay!! We went to our 6 month check up last week, she sounded strong with a heartbeat of 155! We also had the anatomy ultrasound which revealed no signs of Spina Bifida, clef lip, or Downs Syndrome. I was also able to count all 10 fingers and toes! Her little face had a little fat on it finally, so she didn't just look like a skeleton! I seriously could see Blake's face structure in hers :) And thank God, it looks like she has his nose!! Ha (a joke only my family will catch!) She measures exactly 16 ounces and if you were to stretch her out she would measure 11 inches from head to toe-tall like her mommy!!!
I'm doing a bit better too, having more "feel good" days rather than "feel crappy" days! Just trying to wrap my head around the whole labor and delivery idea! I am not as nervous about pain as am about the length of time I will be in pain. The average first birth is 18 hours...YIKES!! Although my Dr. anticipates a much shorter labor, I need to prepare myself for what is ahead.
Everything looking and sounding great so far!!! I will try to scan my ultrasound to post Payton's sweet face :)

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