Saturday, March 6, 2010


I know that I have disappeared over the last couple of weeks, I'm still here!! The sickness is better, throwing up on average of every other day and at random, so this is good news to someone who was throwing up all day everyday for what seemed like a long while!! The attack of the migraine headaches has come now. My doctor had warned me of two things regarding pregnancy and headaches-one, people who have migraines before pregnancy can either get them worse and more often OR not get them at all!!! Having migraines since about 3rd grade, I would say I am used to them, WOW, not like this!!! YIKES!! I have had one bad headache for about 4 days now. Some of those days it came out even worse. I now get a headache about every 2 days and can last sometimes through the next episode :( This world of pregnancy has not been kind to me, in fact I have said twice so far to Blake, that I am unsure if I can do this again. Those were during really bad times though, so hopefully my love for children and desire to have many over powers my selfishness to be well.

I go to the doctors next week for my 6 month check up!! Time really is flying!!! I will post my belly!! Yes, I said belly, I finally have one!!!

I am on vacation this week and will be doing Payton's room, cant wait to post pictures!! I am a bit slow on sewing her bedding so that will most likely be posted at a later date!! Ha

Hope everyone is well!! I will post next week!!

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  1. Praying that your migranes go away quickly... have you been doing any reading:) Miss you! I pray you didn't get sick from us down there??? We are home and all recovered.