Monday, May 17, 2010

Introducing Sweet Payton...still in the womb!!!

Those look like running feet to me! :) I want to kiss those little toes!!

Payton Lane

So peaceful...

Although looking "clownish" I thought it was cute that she yawned and her nose was pressed against my belly!!

She was so sleepy and the tech kept pushing on my belly...poor little girl!!!

I like this one...she is blowing a kiss it looks like!!!

God's Handiwork

I wasn't sure what to expect, all I knew is that I was very excited to see Payton but also strangely very nervous. Sneak Peek, the 4D ultrasound place, has what is called a theater room, I was told I could have as many people as Blake and I wanted. First, we wanted to make sure grandparents and godparents had first priority. My family wasn't able to come, so we opened the invitation to Blake's entire family. I did not expect to be this emotional but when Blake's ENTIRE family showed up on Friday, I was completely overwhelmed by their support to the both of us. Ms. Toni, Mr. Bubba, Chip, Leslie, Aubrey, Barrett, Natalie, and Sydney-you have no idea what that meant to me to take an hour from your busy day for our little girl!! My brother Jay was in town from off-shore and took off so that he could be a part of this special day, and my dear friend, Christy came for me as well. We had a packed house in that little room!!
I'm not sure how I thought this would all go down, but the door opened and there was a pedestal looking bed front and center of the room surrounded by chairs and couches!! The tech looked at me and said "well hop on when you are ready!!" Ummmm....what?!?!!?! I imagined being in a separate room with Blake and then it shown on a screen to everyone in another room!! WOW! So I had to bare the belly to EVERYONE! Blake mentioned later that he just knew how embarrassed I must have felt. He knows how I struggle with being very private and personal, especially lately.
After the tech began the ultrasound, my nerves calmed-we all were focused on the screens around the room with my precious daughter's face on it!! I'm not going to lie, some of the pics and angles were pretty creepy, but all in all I was in complete awe of her. She slept the entire time, didn't make too many movements, and seemed camera shy at first! Her hands and arms were in front of her face at the beginning, but after the tech prodded my belly she settled them along side of her face to continue her nap!! The nerves in me only settled after counting to 5 every time a limb was shown. I was terrified about seeing if the cord was around her neck. Of course it was not, but I was scared of seeing anything out of the ordinary. Everything was perfect though! I love her even more being able to put a little face to her name. We all discovered she has Blake's round face, his nose (thank God, my family understands this!!), my full lips and my chin! So sweet!
We had such a fun day, making jokes, sharing laughs, pointing out who's what in Payton!! I cant wait to share with her the story of when I truly first laid eyes on her!!

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