Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Belly mold!!

Ok, so I officially hate how you have to load pictures to make sure they are in order!!! Oh well, this is the finished product!! It took me a while to decide how to paint it, but since Payton's room has cherry blossom tree branches on the wall, I decided to paint that on the mold that will eventually hang in her room.

Thanks to my friend Brandi who came over to help me with the mold, we were able to capture my belly at 36 weeks and 5 days! She had done hers and her sisters so I was not dealing with an amateur!! We had fun! and many laughs were shared!!!


  1. Love those pictures, you did a great job painting it. Wow, you would think now that your due date is like this week, I would be able to believe that you are really having a baby, but I still find myself just amazed and so happy for you all!

    Praying for you and baby Payton... appreciate your prayers as we head to CA in 5 days... Love you so much Ryane!

  2. How unique! I love it! Been thinking about you, Payton, & Blake a lot lately. Keeping you in my prayers for a safe & healthy delivery. Miss you!

    Daniel & I would like to come visit after Payton arrives. I would say before, but I'm sure y'all have a lot on your plate right now.

    Hope to see you soon!!!!