Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bedding and Belly Molds!!

FINALLY!!! Finished with my task of making Payton's bedding!! I had someone ask me when I was going to post pictures of the bedding I was making, I laughed inside because they like me in the beginning thought I could whip that up no big deal...ummm quiet a task my friends! Especially when you taught yourself how to sew and the only thing you have sewn is curtains! Ha well between working full time and exhaustion from pregnancy, I was starting to doubt my enthusiasm for this project. It took a while to find just the right fabrics to put together and lots of studying online to figure out just how to sew baby bedding. I am so proud of her bed skirt, it is my favorite fabric, it has a vintage look and is so pretty! Thanks to Brandi who explained the trick of bunching, I was able to start with the skirt!!

The crib skirt-I wish you could see the print of this fabric, its so pretty!

The comforter. Thanks to Ms. Jody who was very patient with me, she explained to me how to make my first blanket! I wouldn't even let her pin the fabrics, batting or backing! I made it clear I wanted to learn and do this on my own!! She would just laugh and tell me what to do and answer any questions I had during the process.

The bumpers. This is the second set of bumpers I made! Haha I figured I knew how to put these together with only light reading online....ummm after the second set was complete, there was Ms. Jody teaching me the slip stitch move to close the ends, well that is after we figured out a much better way to make them look!

Finished product!

Yes, I will be purchasing my next child's bedding!!! Haha
I learned so much during this process and I am very proud of the outcome, it was just very typical of me to think I can do something and then it end up so much bigger of a project than I thought. Thanks to my understanding husband who always supports my efforts and letting me transform our dinning room into a sweat shop for my sewing!!!
I will be posting the rest of her room soon, that whole room was a project of my own therefore still a work in progress!! haha

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  1. Love the bedding... it is gorgeous Ryane... I am so proud of you. You did such a great job! Now, where is the belly mold, I did want to see that too:) Love you girl! Praying for you and sweet payton...