Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yay! I am so excited, Jordan is the winner of Big Brother 11! I have been cheering for her and Jeff since day one! Mainly Jeff because he was SO good looking!!! I am pumped this sweet, cute, little waitress with a southern accent won!!

Biggest Loser started last night too. All I can say is OH MY. Not due to the contestant's sizes, but because of Abby's story. Abby lost her entire family, husband and 2 children in a car accident. To hear her open up and be so honest on national tv, to the details of wishing she had been in the car with them, is amazing. My heart hurts for this complete stranger. I am already hoping she wins this season. Oh the things God has in store for her life! To be spared in such a terrible situation.

Way too many new seasons of shows! Thank goodness for DVR!

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  1. I miss you friend. Still hoping to make it for the chili cookoff:) Love you.