Sunday, December 20, 2009

11 wks and Dr update

Hello 11 weeks and hello little pooch! Going from a 6 pack to having a little roll is a bit weird but I am embracing this time!! Haha Its the only time in my life I can cheat on our normal healthy practices! Blake and I went to the Dr. last Wednesday, just a follow up and to hear the heartbeat!!! My Dr. is so laid back and is always helpful to both Blake and I, who always ask a ton of questions! After telling us to not freak out if she could not find the heart beat (at 11 weeks its still really early to try and find with the doppler) she began to mash around. Blake commented on if it was ok that she pressed that hard on my tummy! Bless her, she said that since I am so skinny, we found it!!! I was thankful for the compliment, due to the newly settled roll on my abdomen!! So there it was, our baby's healthy heart beat! 144 beats a minute, old wives tale states that's a boy!!!! Haha So we scheduled my first ultrasound for Friday. So two days later back for more, this time it was unbelievable! After taking many pictures of parts inside of me, she finally focused on our baby!! He was moving around a bit, in fact the tech made a comment about it! I like to think he is running in there!! The heart beat was 176 this time....ummm that means girl! Yikes! These old wives tales are killing me! So I guess the suspense remains until 20 weeks. Everything looked and sounded great and healthy!!

As for me, I am looking forward to the 12th week...I hear I will have some energy and will stop this gagging mess!! I sure am over the violent gagging! Although happy to finally being showing signs of pregnancy. For the first 7 weeks I did not feel any different at all! Well then came week 8 with gagging every time I was hungry or smelled anything that didn't seem right!! Ha The sickness strangely put me at ease, I no longer felt like this wasn't real! The gagging gave me a sense of reality! Yay! But now that I am a believer, I am ready to not gag anymore!! :)

Next appointment is in January!! Will keep you posted!!

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