Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Broussard has a name!!!!

So after a lot of discussing, tons of suggestions, and a book of 55,000 names, we finally agreed upon a name for our little one!! Drum roll please........Peyton (no middle name just yet for a boy) and Payton Lane for a girl!!! Haha That's how bad it was, we could only decide on one name regardless of what gender he or she is!!
Only 7 more weeks until we know which version of Peyton/Payton we will have!!

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  1. Yeah, Ryane, i love the name:) Jojo loves his sweatpants... he has worn them every day since he opened them:) He can't wait to play with the airplane, he keeps asking, but I told him he needs to wait until the snow melts so we can find it. Thank you so much Ryane... you are the best! Wow, 12 weeks, that is awesome... Praying for you friend.