Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well HELLO!!!!

Ok, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!!! Work has been a bit crazy with new changes in our office, our home computer was on the fritz but got one that works!! and this pregnancy thing has got me feeling BEAT after work everyday!!!

I have to share a story from work. We have a lot special needs patients, and anyone who knows me, knows that this is such a gift to be able to work with people with special needs on a daily basis-even if just for 30 minutes out of my day! :) Since high school I have enjoyed being with special needs people, I unlike many, am not uncomfortable around them. Earlier this week a lady in her mid 40's, I would guess, came in for her annual check up. We take these patients pictures for their files to help with identification purposes. When I went for her, I realised we needed to take a picture for her file. So I called her name and when I asked if she could smile for me, she had a wonderful personality and was pumped that I wanted to take her picture! She thanked me for taking her picture and again thanked me when I told her how pretty it turned out. I brought her back to the room, all the while she is thanking me for letting her come, and thanking me for letting her sit in the "main chair" in the room! While waiting for Dr. Landry, I sat with her and we had the nicest chat. She was very excited about going home for Christmas, told me how her family was coming to take her from the home where she lives, to her real home for a few days. After Dr. Landry was finished with the exam, and after her thanking him for it, we were on our way up front when she asked if she could have a copy of the picture I took. Of course I told her yes and went to print one out for her. Our printer takes a bit so i sat at the front counter with her discussing her brand new outfit she was very excited to be wearing! A girl after my own heart!! After telling me the reason she wanted a copy of the picture was because I told her she looked pretty in it and she wanted to take it to her family so they wouldn't forget her, she grabbed my hand and thanked me more!

When I tell you this warmed my heart to spend this 30 minutes with her. She was such a joy to be around. The simple things-she was so very genuinely thankful for, and expressed it at that! I started to think about how I need to say thank you more often. I can only hope to be more like her in her gratitude to those around me.
Tell someone thank you for something small that you are truly thankful for today!!

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  1. AWWW that's awesome Ryane. That's what I really miss about that office. Thank you for making a difference in her life and in mine. :)