Sunday, January 25, 2009

And the winner of Miss America 2009 is...

Miss Indiana Katie Stam!!!!!
Her look alike, Rachel McAdams

I just watched the pageant from last night! I love watching these pageants! Poor Blake! He was on the computer while I was watching it, but would comment when he felt the need...mostly during the swimsuit portion! I found that Katie looks just like Rachel McAdams, the actress from Red Eye and The Notebook. I love her so of course I was going for Miss Indiana! Well that is...after Miss Texas and Miss Louisiana lost out the first round :( Since I was a little girl I have loved watching pageants. I can remember one pageant while we lived in San Antonio, my dad and brother were gone and Sarah, mom and I piled in her bed to watch it together! I still get nervous for the contestants and of course today when I finished watching, I too, paraded around the living room and was crowned!! Haha Blake just watched as I reenacted the initial shock when they "called my name," and shook his head when I began to sing, "Here She Comes Miss America" and waved and blew kisses to my not-so-intrigued audience! I felt 5 all over again!


  1. Wasn't her reaction hilarious! We all got a kick out of it too! Missing you!

  2. love the new pics ! Blake looks like a cutie and what a precious Godson you have. How is your cousins family doing?