Friday, January 30, 2009


The store in our neighborhood that Grandma and Grandpa were desperate to find!!
Well I guess my writers block was short lived! I was running yesterday and was thinking about how I really had nothing to blog about, well that lasted an hour!!! I set out to run a few miles in the neighborhood; put on my new favorite shoes (which are still awesome!) grabbed my IPOD and was out the door! After mile 4, I just could not stop! It was absolutely beautiful, cool weather and I just wanted to keep going! I think it came from being sick and locked in a house to recover, but something about yesterday’s run was just amazing. I caught myself wishing I would have brought my camera so I could capture what my eyes were seeing. There is a new highway, ok not like most of you are thinking! Relax, it is a two-way new road which happens to be called a highway, but it has extremely wide shoulders and is long, so it makes for a great place to get in my desired mileage. Side story, the one other time I have run on this highway, a car had flung a piece of loose gravel and it hit me in the leg! I literally thought I had been shot! I live in a nice town so why a shooting had even entered my mind was weird, plus the fact I have never been shot before so I would not know what it would feel like! Anyway, it hurt so bad I crouched down on the side of the road for a bit before I realized what had happened. I am just glad it did not hit me in the head and knocked me out! CRAZY! It left a huge bruise on my leg, like one from a paintball, for quite sometime! Ok, back to yesterday, run is going great, on the highway, jamming to my IPOD, admiring the beautiful landscape all around me, remembering a dear friend-triggered by a song, and just loggin’ some good mileage. At around mile 7.5 I decided traffic was getting a bit heavy and I better not push it with my recent sickness, so I turn around and head home, which was about half a mile away. I start to notice a shadow creeping pretty close to me and when I turn to see what it is, I see a huge “grandma, boat-like car” coming straight at me! “Surely, Grandma sees me!” I think to myself. NOPE! She continues until I am in the ditch!!! YIKES!! “What are you doing?” I yelled at the car! Grandma rolls down the window and precedes to ask me where the new Rouses Grocery Store is? Seriously?? Is she serious?!!? Grandpa in the passenger seat confirmed she was serious with the same inquisitive look, they really had just run a jogger off the road to ask for directions!! HAHA A neighbor of ours was in the car behind them completely frustrated with having to stop and very shocked that they almost saw me get run over!!! So I tell them where it is and off we both continue! CRAZINESS!!!
So that’s all I got for today! Blake knows I exaggerate often and it is not uncommon for him to hear me say “I almost died today!” when it could just be a blister that formed on a long training run, but really this time I ALMOST DIED!!! Haha I am now banned from running on Youngsville Highway! I would hate to see what the third strike on that street would have been! YIKES!

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  1. Ok, I almost laughed as hard as we did at the movies. I love it! Did you at least find out Grandma and Grandpa's name. You never know when you might run in to them again in this small, small, world. (and yes, I did sing the song as I was typing that)HA!