Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Out With the Old, In with the New!!!!

Nike Air Pegasus did this...(uh-huh that's absolutely NO toe nail there!)

And they did this...(see that huge blister, yep it looks like a growth!!!)

The problem!!!!

Hopefully the answer to my prayers!!!!

Finally!!! I had a nice surprise awaiting me when I got back from my sister-in-laws this morning!! The NEW Under Armour running shoes, available in stores January 31, 2009!! HA HA I got to preorder them at the Houston Marathon!! I am so excited to run in them! They came on the perfect day too, I get to jump back into running today...finally!!!! I am completely messed up without working out and running!!!

I know that when it comes to running and everyone's running shoe, everyone is completely different, but I would NOT highly recommend Nike shoes! The top pictures are of what good ol' Nike Pegasus did to me January 18 :( I am very excited to throw them out and start my new adventure with the NEW Under Armour Revenant!!! I will post my thought once I run in them!!

Happy trails to my feet!! Woohoo! Even in this crappy weather...I am so excited to take out my new shoes!!!

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  1. ouch...that hurt me it looked so bad! I pray that these new shoes do not do that to you!