Monday, January 26, 2009

OH YIKES!!!!!!!

My friends...

My ENEMY....

Yep, that's right...2 big ol' shots right in my bum!!! Accompanied by 2 lovely antibiotics :( I am so sad! Literally the last time I was sick was a year ago, I caught the flu right after the Houston Marathon. This year I was determined to not get sick after a fight with 26.2 miles, so I increased my regular dosages of vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc, Acidophilus and even threw in some Zicam (a homeopathic remedy that includes Vitamin C and Echinacea. Those of you who know me know that I am all about the natural way of healing!! Ha No this does not mean I refuse to have medication in the house, Blake would kill me, we do not share the same views on meds! It does mean I read up on symptoms when I get them and see if there is a way I can kick it with an herb or vitamin. This has been wonderful! Well, I've been sick for a few days. My friends just weren't helping out this time. So I went to the doctor. I had to search for a clinic...we don't even have a general doctor...I'M NEVER SICK!!!! Dr. Blappert hooked me up, until he said I needed, not 1, but yes 2 steroid shots!!! YIKES!!!! I warned him of my fear and fainting...he did not seem to care and told me to "pull 'em down!" YIKES!! Next thing I know I ask him if I may lay down a bit because my ears were ringing and my vision seemed to have left me at that moment! I did not fully pass out, I was pumped! Not sure if it was a partial pass out or what??!!!??!

So he explains that my immune was down after race and I did well by pumpin' the body full of my remedies, but most likely, they used all of this for rebuilding my muscles from the race. Also, this year I started right back into training for Austin, so he thinks I just pushed myself over the edge. I did get the OK to start back running tomorrow!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I officially have 20 days until Austin! Ready or not body, here we go!! ...going back to bed for now, that is!!! :(


  1. You do have an adorable godson... probably one of THE cutest kids I have seen:) That is so crazy that you are sick again after the race. We will be praying for quick healing for you. Did Blake really shoot that thing? It is huge. The boys will get a kick out of that picture. Miss you.... come back:)

  2. u crack me up! :) That is crazy how your body does that! :) hope you feel better soon