Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yes, I ate these little guys!!
Last night we went to Blake's Pawpaw's for a crab boil! I thought this was my first time eating crabs that I myself had to peel, but on the way home Blake told me that I had indeed had done this once before. I think the reason I don't remember, is because I blocked it out of my memory!! I ate 2 crabs in 45 min!!!! It was miserable!!! It takes forever to peel them and you don't really get much meat. I have to admit, it is worth the work because crabs are very good, but I am not patient enough for this madness!!! Blake's Aunt and mom both peeled a few of their own for me to enjoy! That was nice, but I loaded up on mushrooms and potatoes instead!!!
I think that was my first...well technically second time, as well as my last!!
Bring on the CRAWFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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