Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring time!

I'm not talkin' season, I'm talkin' TEXAS! This is my vacation week :) We had plans to fly down to Florida and spend a few days there, but Sunday we received a phone call that my Granny was back in the hospital. She has been in and out since her fall and needs more assistance in everyday life. She has lived on her own since my Popo died 5 years ago. I think the decision is now is for safety reasons. But of course, I have my own opinions! Ha Those who know me know that I have an opinion on everything, feel strong about those opinions and usually voice my opinions!! I heard a quote once, Opinions are like butts...everyone has one! I say in response, some of us have very big butts and even multiple ones! Ha I just don't know really how to feel about all of this, I know how I feel but I also know how others feel and they aren't matching...I think that is where the problem is. I have worked in the retirement/Assisted living industry as far back as volunteering at one in high school, calling bingo!! But really working in the industry since I was 19. I love the idea now of assisted living, the views have definitely changed over the years. Senior care now has just taken off, but as familiar as I am with it, I just never thought it would be something that I would face with my own family member. Anyway, long story short, we came to Houston instead to hang out and help with my Granny. Someone dear to me said they thought God had placed me here for a reason, since the family was deciding on living situations and given my experience, I would be useful. I was completely encouraged and felt maybe my vacation fell on this week for a reason. Needless to say it is not going the way I invisioned. I will spare the details, this post would be forever long, but there are just way too many distractions. Keep the Main thing the Main thing comes to mind in the sense, here is the situation, this is what we need to decide, make a decision and handle your business! Ha I feel that talking about the past is not going to change the present. I have witnessed families fall apart during a family decision such as this. I do not want that to be the case here. I think this could be a very positive situation and I think it is our job to make this the easiest on Granny who will be moving. I live away and cant help everyday like everyone else, and I have to hear how hard it is to take care of a loved one, so of course I want to come down when I can and help?!?! HELLO!!! I will spare the details...I just need prayers.
Pray for this transition for my Granny, it is hard to leave your house, but she will also have many other freedoms taken away at once-increasing the blow of the move.
Pray for my family that they will be sympathetic to her and have her best interest at heart during the decisions they are making about her future.
Pray for the facility that will be her new home.
Pray for safe return travels for family who came in town.
Pray for unity among family members.
Pray for guidance for me, I do not know my role in all of this and feel less and less at home here. This is a big one for me-to feel like your home is no longer your home is so hard.
Thank you for your prayers, I know that no matter what we do here on earth, ultimately God has a vision in all of this.
I have a beautiful picture of my Granny from my wedding. I will post it once I am back in LA and am on my home computer :)

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