Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swimming lessons!!!

"Come on mom, do we have to?"

"I am so tired!"

"Ok, that's I just look stupid!"
So CUTE!!!! I decided that since we live by a pond, Champ needed to learn how to swim. Or maybe I just wanted to see champ swim in the tub!! So yes, I filled up my jacuzzi bathtub and swimming lessons began! It was so cute! He didn't do so good, he basically freaked out the entire time :( But towards the end he was getting the hang of it!
Dogs look so sweet when they are swimmin...(Kyley, you are the only one who will read that statement in the voice it was typed in!! HAHA)
So now we are set if we happen to fall or jump into the pond on a walk!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh He's been SWIMMIN! You know I still say that! Even Serg says it if he sees a cute dog!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Poor CHAMPIE! He will get the hang of it! :)