Saturday, June 5, 2010

35 weeks!!!

WOW!! That is one BIG belly!!! If you look close you can see that belly button sticking out, actually it probably poked you in the eye when you brought my blog up!!! As for that thing, I hope it goes back to being an innie!!!
I began my internal visits this week and will continue every week until the big day!!! I hate to be excited about these visits but they do mean that its getting close! To spare the creepy female words, lets just say that my body is already preparing for birth, and I should begin to dilate this week!!! My doctor thinks that Payton will be early...YAY!!! She also is certain that it will be a quick delivery, which always sets my nerves at ease. She also is so very supportive of my choice for a drug-free birth. She always assures me that if she didn't think I could do it she would not say anything at all, and proceeds to say that I will do great! Haha Who knows she may say that to everyone, but these days hearing from people that they think i can do it, gives me a sense of support! Lets see, we don't cover that much at these visits, I had just seen her 2 weeks prior! I cant imagine what we will talk about each week! I did not gain any weight in the past 2 weeks, blood pressure is still great, and Payton's heart rate is low as usual at 140! She is scaring me, making me think she will make her appearance as a boy! Ha
We started our Prepared Child birthing classes this week, it is a form of Lamaze and is once a week for 3 weeks. Blake was out of town, of course, so Christy, my friend and neighbor went with me. It was actually extremely informative. I feel like when it comes to the big day, there is no way i will remember everything they told me! I am so grateful for the friendship I have with Christy, she is so supportive and "shows up" for me when needed the most! We had a fun time in the class, she took a ton of notes...I'm serious, she is so organised and wanted to make sure she remembers what to do when in the birthing room and wanted to remember everything to fill Blake in when he is back in town. I believe she will be joining me this week as well, Blake will be in Houston. Should be another interesting class!!
Will keep everyone posted on my progress!!


  1. Ryane, I can't believe that is YOUR tummy??? I wish I could see it in person, to believe it is really true... How awesome is that???

    You are going to do great in labor... you can do it... RELAXATION is the key... practice relaxing as crazy as that is... Think of it as a marathon... it just might last a little longer ,but won't be constant pain... it will just increase bit by bit. I know you can do it... and don't feel any pressure by anyone else... Whatever you decide to do will be he BEST thing for you and Payton... you are her mommy. But I have every confindence that you can do it:)

    OK, I am totally laughing here were the comments from the kids when they saw your picture above... Take it with a big smile on your face... Louis says, "ginormous:) and she used to be a string bean:)" (I know you will be a string bean again girl:) Anna says, "That doesn't look like her:)" Jojo says, "She is big:)" Greg says, "Her pants are riding a little low:)" Caleb says, "BIG WOMAN:)" I say, "Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!"

    Ryane please don't take those the wrong way, I thought you would think it was cute and funny and you know they would all give you a big hug and love on you in person if they could:) WE all love you... enjoy every last bit of this VERY special time... Before you know it she will be in your arms...Praise God!
    We love you Ryane!

  2. Oh my!! I just got on to check blogs and now I find out you are expecting! CONGRATS!! You look amazing--as always!! Best of luck to you!!!