Sunday, June 27, 2010

38 Weeks!!

Yikes!! I never realized how big I had gotten until I looked back at my first picture from 8 weeks pregnant!! WOW! Next time my doctor fusses about weight gain, I think Ill show her the pictures! We went to the doctor this week and not much progression. Still at 1 cm but now at 60% effacement, contractions have slowed but still come every now and again, last week was my first week of no more working, I gained back 1 of my 2 lost pounds, Dr scheduled an ultrasound for next week-we need to measure little girl to make sure she isn't too little. There are the highlights!! I am trying to focus on protein this week, little P needs to become big P so we don't have to stay in the hospital more than the usual 2 days. As much as I want to meet her and am totally over pregnancy (not really how I mean it, those who are pregnant and or remember what these last weeks are like, know what I mean!!) I would hate for her to come early and miss out on a bit of weight gain.
Funny thing from this week.... Payton has been jazzing it up in my belly lately!! They say closer to the end they slow their movement, but P has been moving more than ever! One evening we just starred at my belly as it moved! After several minutes I asked out loud "What is she doing in there?!?!" Blake promptly responded with, "She's packing her bags!!!" We just laughed and I literally pictured our little girl getting her stuff together to come out and meet us!!!

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