Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our little Get Away!!!!!

This is our hotel/resort...Hotel Galvez! It was built in 1911!! It was actually shocking to see something so beautiful in Galveston! Haha

I have ALWAYS wanted to rent one of these bikes!!! Blake and I made it 20 minutes out of the paid for hour rental! It was hard!!! I'm going to blame it on that we had just come from dinner when we decided to rent this not-so-awesome bike!!!

Ah yes, the sea gulls!!! We ate every meal outside on some sort of balcony and the sea gulls and pigeons are ridiculous!! Can you believe some people are dumb enough to actually feed them and attract them!! Or some people, like my husband, like to make the gesture of throwing something into the air so that they come near your 35 week pregnant wife and make her look crazy as she swats at them, ducks away, and runs down the seawall!!!!

This is an old family owned shop with a gorgeous porch over the water. We watched the sunset our first night there. We met some women on a business trip who were so fun and hung out with them for the evening. They even bought Blake a beer and me a water!!

This is the Flagship hotel. The only hotel on the water. I stayed there when i was young with my family when we came to the beach. It was ruined by hurricane Ike, and is now in legal fights with the government so it just remains abandoned and ugly :(

My favorite plane in the Lonestar Flight Museum!! The hurricane had flooded and ruined a lot of the old planes, but the museum open just one of the two large hangars and had about 15 planes available to look at and read about.

We had decided we needed one more weekend just the 2 of us before we become a family of 3! Due my sickness everyday, we knew we were limited to where we could fly to. i get sick every afternoon, plus now a bit of air sickness since being pregnant too. So that left us with choices of flight time around an hour. Galveston Texas here we come! Haha It actually looks a bit cleaner since the hurricane! We stayed in a beautiful place, Hotel Galvez! They has a spa, which I was able to enjoy their services one afternoon by receiving a pregnancy massage! The pool was gorgeous! We were able to catch some good sun!! We met lots of people who were so nice and lots of blessings and luck wished on us over the next month by all of them!! You know Blake and I, we can make friends with the wall in the elevator!!! We both really wanted to go to the Flight Museum they have there. We enjoyed it and were able to get Payton some airplane books!! Plus a little pink airplane backpack!! For a weekend that was meant for the 2 of us...we sure didn't talk too much about anything other than Sweet Payton!!!
What made this trip even better was that Blake had just flown back from Palm Beach where we purchased a new plane!!! We sold ours a couple of months ago and Blake has been searching for just the right one!! Well we found it! It flys great, looks amazing and flew us safely to our last get away as 2!!! Ill be posting pics of our new ride soon!!!

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  1. Yay for time just the two of you... yay for the fact that it should be the last get away for "just the 2 of you" in a long time:) Can't wait to meet little Payton:)
    Love you RyRy!