Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Champ!!!

(Sorry about the quality, this is a picture of a picture)
Sweet 8 week old baby Champ!!!

Big boy 2 year old Champ!!!

Champ is 2 years old today!!! I actually changed his birthday to my 1/2 birthday (yesterday) when I found out that his real birthday was only one day off! Ha This way his birthday is my 1/2 birthday and my birthday is his 1/2 birthday! Ha (does that make sense??!!) But technically TODAY is his true and real birthday!!
I remember when he was so small he could fit in my little hand. I remember his big puppy belly that was actually bigger than him!! Everyone knows I love Champ! He has been with me through my permanent move to LA, and always kept me company on my drives back and forth from LA to TX back in the day! He also is my protector when often left alone! Thanks Champ for being the greatest dog and friend! Haha
I am such a dog lover!!!

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