Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hotel Idol!!!!

Ok this was hilarious, our last night in Florida we came into the hotel and Blake went to grab some waters before we headed to the room. Shortly after going into the bar, seriously that's the only place you could get bottled water, he came out and said, "I think you need to come and check this out!!" Little did I expect but to walk into what we later named, Hotel Idol!! It was karaoke night at our hotel!! Here are a few video's of the people who participated!! Some good....some...well, see for yourself!! I am not making fun, I applaud all of the people for their confidence and enthusiasm!! (and yes, that is Blake and I narrating in the back ground!!)
3rd place-Suave'-has done this waaaayyy too many times!!!!

1st Runner up-Mr. I'm so nervous because I've never done this before...yeah right!!!

And the winner is....The oldest lady I saw in the bar, singing a good ol' country song!!!

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