Friday, April 10, 2009

P90X BABY!!!!!

As most of you know, Blake and I are doing P90X...insanity!!! Ha I will spare you the before and the current pics of our transformations, but it really is amazing. Blake just completed block 2, and I will be completing block 2 in a week. The 60 day mark WOOOHOOO!! I can see the finish line! I recommend this program for anyone! Blake definitely should be a salesman for it, he tells everyone how awesome it is! Plus, people have been noticing the results on him. P90X and I have a love/hate relationship...I love the results but I absolutely, 100% hate it!!! haha It is all about how much you put into it and there are 3 different levels, lean (that's my program of choice), classic (Blake), and doubles. You may have also heard of Power 90, P90X is the next level and is done by the same guy.
This is a great at home workout program. All you need is a pull up bar, weights, and lots of motivation!!
Bring it!!!! (fellow P90X' know what that little saying means!!!)

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