Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm sorry that I have been MIA this week. I had a dear friend from the Assisted Living facility that I used to work at, pass away. Those of you who know me, know that I definitely had my favorites there, and Mr. Chuck was for sure at the top of the list. Such an honest, kind, Christian man. I will miss him greatly and treasure the months of conversations we shared. Even though I only knew him a brief 8 months, I consider him an intricate part in my Christianity, we had some of the most real conversations about faith. I am so fortunate to have known him.
Also this week I found out that Mr. Vern passed away as well. Vern was a friend of my friend, Adam's dad, who we met when were were in Austin for the marathon. Vern's wife is a breast cancer survivor who was running her first marathon in Austin. Mr. Vern rode his bike along the way and took pictures of her and cheered her on at so many points throughout the race. Having met us before the race he took Adam and my pictures and encouraged us when we needed it most. How sweet this man was.
I am so sad for both of these losses. At the funeral home for Mr. Chuck, his daughter-in-law made a comment that stuck with me. She said they were thrilled for Mr. Chuck. Knowing that both Mr. Chuck and Mr. Vern are in Heaven definitely gives me peace and yes, as a Christian I truly am thrilled for both of them! But still heartbroken and very sad for the families of both. Both deaths were sudden and unexpected, but we can rest knowing they are in so much of a better place, a place I look forward to seeing them both again one day!!

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