Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well it completely snuck up on me, yeah right, but the Austin Marathon is 3 days away! YIKES! I am out to each 5 lbs of crawfish, again, the 2nd time this week...I did cheat my normally great eating habits, but its CRAWFISH!!! Plus, I eat like a health Nazi every other day of the year, so this shouldn't hurt too bad! At this point I am still not sure if we are flying or driving, between the weather and our plane being on the fritz, a decision has yet to be reached. I will try to blog about the race as soon as I can, it looks like we will be home on Monday.
Please pray for:
Adam's knee
My hips
Our mental stability!
I am very excited, trying not to think about the nerves! I just keep thinking about how Adam will feel, he has no idea the emotions that are about to hit him, I'm talking after the race. Not just the physical journey, but the spiritual one as well. The overwhelming feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and just pure awe, I am excited to be a part of this experience for him. I cant wait!!! Wish us luck...

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  1. i am so excited for you .....a bit anxious are so brave! I will put u on my prayer list! love you