Monday, February 9, 2009


Today has been heavy on my heart all last week. 2 years ago today, one of Blake's instructors and my friend died in a plane crash. Rick (Ricky J) was one of the instructors that worked at the flight school where Blake and I met. He did most of Blake's Instrument program. He became so much more than a co-worker to me. He was kind, considerate, and had a love for the Lord that any Christian would envy. Today is bitter sweet in that Rick's funeral brought all of us back together, and some of us stayed in touch so much better than before. I am thankful for my friends Jason and Crystal, and I know that it was through Rick's death that we became closer. Crystal has been a true friend and such a supporter of anything I do. I am also thankful that now Blake and I are a part of their son, Trenton's, life. We also had met and made friends with Brian and Christina through them. This for sure is all a part of the small silver lining. I know that we all think of Rick often and selfishly wish he was still here with us on earth, but as Christians, we know that we will see him one day again-something Rick was never afraid to proclaim. My thought and prayers are with Rick's family and friends today.

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  1. Wow what do we say... Thanks to Ricky J! Jason and I were married by Ricky's father. When we found out we were pregnant we kept Rick Jordan's name as an option. We think about Ricky J every Sunday, for it was because of Rick that we added strength to our walk with Jesus Christ. People are sent into your lives not by chance but because God placed them there. Thank you God for Ricky J's walk on earth and the many live he didn't even know he impacted.