Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dixie Diva

Please check out this website

The unique jewelry in the pictures above are the creations and talents of some wonderful people! Jamie and Jerison are friends of some friends that I had the pleasure of meeting a few months back. They have started making this unique jewelry from deer antlers, turtle shells, Ivory, tusk, and anything and everything you can think of that is outdoorsy!! You have to go on their website to see what I am talking about. The first necklace I have is from a deer antler, the second is a cross from a turtle shell, and the third is just some awesome beads that they found for me!! I am looking forward to purchasing a deer antler ring, they are so different and unique! I have received many complements when I wear these necklaces and I love knowing that no two are alike, so I am the only one that has these pieces!
Check them out!!

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  1. I own many pieces of Dixie Diva's work. They are all unique. The artist are extremly talented