Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because I'm Loving Every Wonderful, Horrible Minute of it!

I read my title in a runner's magazine this week and it totally explains my answer to the commonly asked question, "Why do you do this?"
I am literally going to start quoting, "Because I love every wonderful, horrible minute of it!" I have been getting a lot of mixed reviews on my drive for running lately. I get that people do not get the running thing, but I don't get how they can't compare it to something that they truly love and then in turn understand?! I think that we all have many gifts that we were given to use for the good.
Austin is quickly approaching! I do not think I have ever been this nervous. The course is hard...everyone seems to want to remind me of that, but I am also nervous about Adam's knee. I do not want him to do some serious damage. He gets married one month from the race, and I don't want him hobbling down the aisle to meet his beautiful bride Courtney! I know she has got to be nervous about that! I have loved Courtney from the day I met her, we became instant friends! If it weren't for her terrible back problems, I have no doubt in my mind she would be joining us on Sunday. She will for sure be along side of Blake, Adam's family, and friends to help support and encourage him. I can't wait, this race has been highly anticipated for many months! Only 5 days...


  1. I am not a runner at all! I do get it though! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to work the Walks..........People do tend to criticize, because twice a year i take 4 days...but I do love it! You are so right..it is a gift given to us by God! :) We are blessed that we can experience IT! Dont let the haters get ya down! :) Thanks for the sweet compliment! :)
    Love ya
    Praying for your Marathon! May God's light shine bright in you...and give you a major blessing in your RUN!