Friday, February 27, 2009


Cadbury Mini Eggs aka...HEAVEN!!!!
Ok sorry for the weird pic!!! No matter which way I save it, it downloads like this! Weird?!?! These right here, yes these wonderful chocolate eggs with a light thin shell, are some of the many reasons I love Easter!!! I saw them out in the store a week ago and got very excited!! I have only had one bag so far. This for sure is one of my weaknesses. Those who know me, know that I am normally healthy, homeopathic, natural kind of girl...there is NOTHING healthy or natural about these! But they are HEAVEN to me!! I really think they may be my most favorite! Just thought I would share...these for sure are a must try!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Off to Houston to go to my dear friend, Courtney's, bachelorette party!! Woohoo!!


  1. omg...i love those tooo....pray for sada...she lost her baby last night

  2. Ryane...I am not ignoring you... just have been so busy up here in Wisconsin. I miss you girl. I will try to call soon. Thinking of you.
    Love from the Hintz Crew to YOU... and Blake too!