Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Biggest Loser!

I don't know about you, but I am so into the show Biggest Loser! This is my first season I have watched, Sara got me hooked while I was in Oklahoma! Now that the contestants are getting down to the final few, I am even more into it! Here is what I think about each team:
Pink Team-I am glad Shannon got voted off last night, she didn't push it as much as her mom, Helen.
Green Team-I really love Tara who has a good attitude and pushes herself every show, I do not care for her partner Laura-I hope she is next to go!
Brown Team-I love these guys! The dad is so sweet and bless his heart-he never gives up!! His son is such a fighter, it is up to him usually to keep them in. He also reminds me of a younger fatter version of my brother! Ha-sorry Jay!
Purple Team-I love Kristen, she works so hard! I hope she loses the weight she needs in order to have a baby! Her mom is ok, I wouldn't mind if she went before Kristen.
Black Team-I loved Blaine, but now he is gone and left Dane to fight. Dane is strong and would have been a better strategic choice to send him home.
Yellow Team-Ok a bunch of whiners and criers! Everyone misses their family-get over it!!! I am hoping they get sent home before all my other favs!
Oh I almost forgot the Blue Team!! Phillipe and Sione-I love these guys-both fighters and great attitudes!!
I am truly a TV junkie! Thank goodness for DVR-otherwise I would not have the time!!


  1. Ryane, you are such a good godmother:) Louis is just remarking... and laughing about little champie getting a little too close to your nose:) Oh the laughs we have with many times referring to raccks of some kind. Can you figure out my code on that one? We love and miss you Ryane. I hope you are healing well!

  2. Oh by the way, I think it is hilarious that we got you hooked on the Biggest Loser. I told you it was a good show:)