Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breakfast with the Birds!!

Our roll!!

Kim's close turn-out!

I would not get up at 7am on Saturday for nothing other than a breakfast fly-in!! Blake and I went to Pineville this morning for breakfast. It was huge! I am used to our little pancake breakfast fly-in that we do occasionally, but its like 5 old guys and us! There were a ton of planes this morning! The food was great, the planes were awesome, and the fellowship with other pilots was the greatest! A friend of ours and his wife, Chuck and Emily, went and I enjoyed getting to know Emily a lot better. Chuck is now an instrument rated pilot, who also was a student at the flight school I attend in New Iberia, we all had a blast. On the way back, Blake's flying buddy, Kim, flew formation with us a bit, did some rolls for us, and made some head-on passes with us that I captured on video! The video posted is our roll that Blake and I did, you have to watch the background to see us go upside-down. The camera would not let me zoom out anymore. The second video is of Kim flying close and doing a right turn-out. We had a blast, especially the flight home when we were able to cut up a bit!
What a great way to start the day!


  1. We love you too Ryane!!!
    Anna watched the videos with me and she said enthusiaticly..."Blake you are the craziest man in the world!" I thought Blake might get a kick out of what his sweet friend Anna said:)
    Praying for you too!

  2. ummmm excuse me that is so scary! OH MY! We went to see Lonnie this past week in AZ..He does a lot of tricks like that! NO WAY JOSE! Hope you are feeling better